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The Undeciphered Dimensions of Your health

Being healthy is so much more than what you eat or how many hours you spend at the gym. Discover the hidden dimensions that create the  intricate puzzle of your health. Let's assemble the pieces for a healthier you through self-care, stress management, energetically balancing, and understanding the messages your body conveys.


The Puzzle of Finding Health

The puzzle pieces of health are varied and at times obscure. Together we can find and fit these pieces into a healthier, happier and more fulfilled you. 

Stomach Pain

Symptoms vs Causes

Western society treats symptoms rarely looking for the cause of  those symptoms. Science is finding that 80% of diseases or more, have an untreated emotional component. 

Active Senior Couple


The body communicates with you. What pieces of the puzzle are your chronic pain, excess weight, depression, or other symptom trying to bring to your attention?  

Head figurine with words listed on it.

Your Toolkit

Always check your most basic needs and serve yourself first. If you aren't well everything in life is hard.

Give yourself: Pure water, lots of it. Nutritious foods. Enough rest, including sleep. A balanced energy system. Ask for competent help when you need it.



Stress is a major contributor to poor health. Find  ways to starve your stressors. It's a great feeling to find emotional balance, mental, spiritual, as well as physical balance. 

Where are you going?

Look deeper than the symptoms. Know what you want. Is it: Less pain? More enjoyment of life? Mobility? Find the causation puzzle pieces that will bring you to feeling healthy.



Explore new ways to eradicate negative, old patterns in your life.

Please notify DiAnne that you want a session and what the concern is. She will email for any clarifications and then email the results back to them at her discretion, including homework.

Session may be online (Zoom, Skype, FaceTime or by phone. 

Note: Two sessions will be booked at a time.

Full Session (80 Minutes)

$200 Each

Half Session (40 Minutes)

$150 Each

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