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DiAnne Berry

"What does a truly resilient life– look like for you? There are no right answers: sustainable resilience in your life will be different than anyone else’s."

DiAnne Berry

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If you're a writer, editor, or producer and you're eager to chat with DiAnne for your upcoming story, podcast, or video, we'd love to hear from you.  Your insights and interests are highly valued, and we look forward to connecting with you.

DiAnne Berry and an attendee at an event
DiAnne Berry and Jon Giganti at an event

Pictured: DiAnne Berry with  Dana Lyons, speaker, coach, and author of No Longer Cinderella

Pictured: DiAnne Berry and Jon Giganti

“This book [While the Canary Sings] will change your life. DiAnne is so authentic and encouraging. She teaches us that resilience is a superpower and the brokenness of your past can be the gateway to an enlightened future.”

— Jon Giganti, USA Today Bestselling Author of “With Intention"

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