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How do you find peace when you want it?

Book cover of While the Canary Sings!

Discover What Others Are Saying About
While the Canary Sings!

“While the Canary Sings! was an excellent read. It puts you on a path to let go of your unnecessary fear and move through life resolutely. It will teach you to distinguish your next best step under any circumstance.”


— Niccie Kliegl, CEO, Fulfill Your Legacy Life & Business Coach

“Imagine suddenly finding 17 Secrets for how to finally take your next best step and all in one book! Choosing even just one of her Secrets will free up your energy so you take your next steps on a brighter path. If you are feeling terminally stuck, “While the Canary Sings!” is a great way to begin sharing the gifts of your authentic self that the world really needs now to move forward.”

— Laini Risto, Shamanic Life Coach/ Practitioner/Teacher & International Singer/Songwriter.

“If you want to create the life you aspire to instead of the one you are stuck in, this book is an easy-to-follow step-by-step process that will help you get well on your way there.”

— Uli Mueller, Executive & Leadership Coach with Conscious Leadership

DiAnne Berry

"Change is inevitable.
How you negotiate it is a choice. You might as well set yourself up for the best experience possible."

DiAnne Berry

DiAnne is known for her expertise in BodyTalk, Accunect, Guided Light Healing, Animal Communication, Linking Awareness, MindScape, Emotion Code, Body Code  Carol Tuttle Energy Healing, and as an Accunect Self-Care Instructor. 

Courses Created: Trajectory, Envision Board Experience.

Speeches:  Care for Yourself First, The Art of Living Well.

Writing:  Not Crazy: Confessions of a Closet Empath, A sensitive soul’s journey into … Another Way, and While the Canary Sings!

Secrets to Bringing Resilience, Sustainable Skills, Confidence, and Peace Home Even Amidst Life’s Storms.

 Author    Speaker    Artist    Healer

She was the first of the seven children that would eventually join her parent's family. She was the first grandchild of the 50 grandchildren her grandparents would eventually have. Being the first comes with responsibility. Having responsibility and being empathic comes with the desire to figure out how to best meet the needs in front of you. 

DiAnne is no stranger to the shifting requirements of family, friends, or work. Being raised on a multi-generational subsistence dairy farm gave her plenty of practice with working hard, finding and trying out new ways to serve the obligations before her. 

While she and her husband were raising eight children, biological and adopted, she found what worked for them and became very acquainted with what did not. 

A major epiphany for her during the journey was to discover that being energetically balanced not only felt physically better but also improved her ability to heal, think, plan, and make more positive choices.  This led her to study and certify in several alternative medicine modalities.

A second was that unresolved emotion can cripple you, even if you believe you're dealing well. Time, understanding, answers, and epiphanies coupled with simple lifestyle changes have altered her life. Some time ago they led her to swim across a lake with her 10-year-old granddaughter.  An unthinkable task 15 years before. 


Third is that art, writing, and speaking inform her ability to share what she has experienced and learned with you, easing your path. Her hope is to share the wisdom she gained and relies on along with some tips, tricks, and techniques that have led her to a pain-free, more balanced, joy-filled life.

Please join her as she continues her journey.

Meet DiAnne

Embark on your own journey into holistic health with DiAnne Berry

Renowned for her expertise in BodyTalk, Accunect, Guided Light Healing, Animal Communication, Linking Awareness, MindScape, Emotion Code, Body Code, and Carol Tuttle Energy Healing, she is here to help you unlock your path to optimal health.  Learn more and start your journey now!


"This session has reminded me of how powerful the mind is and how helpful it can be when I harness that power and use it for my own purposes rather than leaving it to wander, drawing from whatever energy it happens to encounter."


“I love how DiAnne can connect to and read what's going on with my soul.” 

Nick C. 

Many, many blessings on the author [Not Crazy: Confessions of a Closet Empath] for sharing such a personal journey. It has shed some light on many events in my family.
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